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About Us

How was the idea for our online shop born?

As people who love animals and nature, we dreamed of creating a business that will allow us to spend more time together with our furry friends. This means more time for walks in nature, adventures, and many other activities that make us truly happy. Through many years of work in different companies, we never came across a place where the presence of our dog was tolerated in the office❤️🐕. So we decided to create our own office where there would be no such restrictions. Our choice of activity was well-thought-out and as dog-lovers, we decided to make clothes inspired by our furry friends. Everyone needs and buy clothes, but at the same time, clothing is a way people express their personality. Last but not least, we decided that with what we do we can support animals and nature.

How do we achieve that? Our vision

By creating products that are made with organic and recycled fabrics, products that are made at the time of order without throwing any leftover materials. We have come to the conclusion that many brands sell their products with fake discounts. Our approach is different – we donate to animal welfare and nature conservation organizations with every percentage discount that we can afford so that we have a self-sustaining business with minimal profit. We have defined that a minimum of 10% of each order will be donated to a cause of the customer's choice. This is where our customers come in, we decided that instead of creating a simple store, we would like to create a community where we can all fight for a better future for dogs that need love! Every customer who has made even one purchase through our website will receive a statement of all funds donated during that period via email at the end of each quarter! Through an affiliate app that we have integrated into our online store, you will be able to choose the organization to which you would like to donate, and the process is completely automated. All fees related to the donations will be covered by My doggy dog, this way you are free from any hassle with transaction fees and others! Our team will donate a minimum of 10% of our net profit to various causes, and the quarterly donation report that everyone in our community receives will include our participation too. In this way, we hope to create complete transparency of our activities and show actual results!
As a reference, the annual revenue from online clothing sales worldwide for 2021 is nearly $600,000,000. If we can take a piece of that picture and donate it, you can imagine how much we can help the environment and the organizations that are really fighting to save dogs (and not only) around the world! We hope that more businesses will follow our example because our planet and animals need that. Together we can save nature!
Thank you everyone for being part of our idea!

Our Team