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How can I get information about my order?

After you place an order on our website, you will receive emails with information about each step of your order. The emails we send you will have tracking numbers and a link where you can check them for your convenience.

Why did I get several different tracking numbers for one order?

In some cases, your orders are fulfilled from our different warehouses around the world in order to get faster delivery and according to our stock.

Can I customize a product?

Yes, some of our products have a personalization box left, and this is noticeable if there is a personalization button on our product page.
NOTE: pay attention to the product description and our size and quality requirements for the file you upload for personalization! If the files do not meet our recommendations, we will not be able to guarantee the quality of workmanship!

How long will it take to receive my order?

The whole process from production to delivery of the product is within 7-15 BUSINESS DAYS. All of our products are bespoke and original designs made by our team and cannot be purchased from any other (physical or online) store.